Chief Executive Officer

Travis Prouty

The passionate leader of The Call Gurus, Travis focused his 20+ year career perfecting the art of monetizing leads with live call center agents. Travis began his career with MCI WorldCom & became the #1 producing agent of 1,000s worldwide. Travis immerses himself into The Call Gurus client’s business and creates masterful scripts & rebuttals through live testing, proving conversions to ensure successful campaign launches. In his 20+ years of call center experience and as President of a ShoppingCart technology company, Prouty has led, managed, and developed over 6,000 employees. Travis has a B.S. in psychology.

Director of Operations

Lindsay Munoz

Committed to help organizations excel and operate at maximum capacity, Munoz is dedicated to instill proper policies, procedures and systems. Munoz has over 12+ years of creating and cultivating relationships, evolving business processes, and implementing systems across organizations. She has supported both individuals and businesses in solution implementation standardized across their organizational structure to effectively grow their business. With her natural ability to understand human nature inside an organization, she assures ensures the right people are in the right positions to achieve success.