Why Guadalajara

Our team manages up to 300 employees in Mexico at any given time. We have significant understanding of the complexities in Mexican labor laws and because we follow employment laws in Mexico – our employees feel secure in building a career with us. Our team had the capability to build infrastructure anywhere in Mexico, but we choose Guadalajara for the following reasons:

There is a huge population of Mexican and even US nationals that have lived in the United States for at least 8 years & speak beautiful English. Our employees appreciate working around so many others that also experienced living in the US.

Guadalajara is ranked #1 for job training centers in Mexico & hosts 16 technical colleges and 12 universities. Over 8100 technical & engineering students graduate every year. The average age in Guadalajara is 25 years old.

With over 115K IT related jobs, GDL has the highest concentration of computer & technology jobs in the country. We don’t need data scientists, but our English speaking associates make the equivalent of a local mechanical engineer.

TGuadalajara hosts three high speed internet providers, significant transportation & utility infrastructure consistent with modern cities across the world.

We wanted to find a town that had the highest integrity people building families. We hire people that want to build a career with their beautiful English.

Our mission is to provide our employees with the very best. We hire, train & develop the right people; nurturing them both personally & professionally.